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Repairs/After hours urgent repairs

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant will be provided to you on the day you collect your keys , however you can find further information and FAQs at the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

Maintenance & Repairs
All repairs & maintenance requests should be reported to your Portfolio Manager immediately. Repairs are generally the landlord’s responsibility, however, if the tenant is responsible for the damage the tenant will be required to pay for repairs. Maintenance can be reported to your Portfolio Manager in a number of ways; by mail, fax or via email during normal business hours.

Please note; all maintenance requests are required to be in writing. If urgent repairs are needed the tenant should first take reasonable steps to contact the agent to fix the problem. Any repairs arranged by the tenant outside of normal business hours will be at the tenant’s expense, unless it is proven to be an extreme emergency.




Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  Anytime outside these hours, (weekends and public holidays) would be considered after hours. 

If you have one of the below urgent situations on your hands, a trades list is provided for you to contact direct.  These trades will trouble shoot solutions with you prior to attending the property.  If your repair is not included in the below list of extrememly urgent items, then it can wait to the next business day to contact your Property Manager.  Should you persist in calling a trades person out to a repair that is not considered extremely urgent you could be potentially liable for the cost of the call out and the repair as itemised for each seperate trade: 

For your understanding we have provided the following list of urgent maintenance

  • Any burst hot water service
  • Any blocked or broken sewerage fittings
  • A dangerous electrical fault likely to cause damage to the property
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • Any fault endangering human life or makes the rented premises unsafe or insecure
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • A serious fault in a lift or staircase in the rented premises




BEACHSIDE PLUMBING 03 9512 0007  Callout $250.00 incl GST includes first hour, thereafter $60.00 for every 15 minutes + parts


MERCIECA ELECTRICAL 0422 750 313  Callout to Northern suburbs $220.00 + GST, Western suburbs $240.00 + GST, $100.00 +GST + Parts for each hour thereafter


GUARDIAN LOCKSMITHS 0409 558 841 $180.00 + GST + Parts


O'BRIENS GLASS 13 16 16 (your credit card required initially)




BEACHSIDE PLUMBING 03 9512 0007 Callout $250.00 incl GST includes first hour, thereafter $60.00 for every 15 minutes + parts

MCLEOD'S PLUMBING 03 9523 6602/0438 559 353  Callout $220.00 + GST includes first half hour + parts thereafter $45.00 per 15 minutes labour


BRANDONS ELECTRICAL 03 9544 2162  MOnday to friday 5pm onwards $140.00 + GST + Parts, Saturday $240.00 + GST, labour $90.00 +GST, Sundays and public holidays $420.00 + GST + parts  (minimum 2 hours chargable)

AUBURN ELECTRICS 03 9421 2565/0419341 052 Callout - $180.00 - $250.00 + GST + parts


GUARDIAN LOCKSMITHS 0409 558 841  $180.00 + GST + parts


O'BRIENS GLASS 13 16 16 (your credit card required initially)




BEACHSIDE PLUMBING 9512 0007 Callout $250.00 incl GST, includes first hour, thereafter $60.00 for every 15 minutes + parts


POWERFECT ELECTRICIANS  0414 737 333 Callout up to $240.00 incl of GST + parts

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