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Body Corporate Services Melbourne

Managing a body corporate effectively requires a significant time investment and a strong understanding of property law and legal compliance.  For busy individuals juggling work and other commitments, these demands can be a significant challenge. Proactive communication is also essential for fostering a positive and collaborative environment within the body corporate structure. Let us handle the complexities so you can focus on what matters.

At BFG Asset Management, we specialise in providing comprehensive body corporate services in Melbourne. Whether you live in a multi-unit building, shared townhouses, or apartments, our team ensures we maintain your property well. Our body corporate managers in Melbourne give you personalised attention, ensuring effective management of your body corporate duties.

How Does Body Corporate Management Work?

Melbourne’s booming urban population has fueled a surge in shared living arrangements. Apartments, multi-unit buildings, and townhouses are becoming increasingly common. These spaces come with common areas, like lobbies, parking lots, and grounds, that all residents share and rely on for a comfortable living experience.

A body corporate is a legal entity that manages the common areas of such multi-unit properties. Body corporate management involves a wide range of responsibilities, from maintaining the physical property to managing finances and ensuring compliance with relevant legislation.

BFG Asset Management assists several Melbourne body corporate committees in fulfilling these responsibilities. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we have a team of the best body corporate managers in Melbourne who ensure the smooth operation and upkeep of your property. 

The Role of A Body Corporate Manager

As one of the premier body corporate companies in Melbourne, BFG Asset Management assists with the following body corporate management services: 


Cleaning of Grounds and Common Areas

We ensure all common areas, including gardens, hallways, and recreational spaces, are clean and well-maintained. We implement regular cleaning schedules to keep the property looking good and welcoming.


Property Maintenance and Repairs

From routine maintenance tasks to emergency repairs, we coordinate all necessary work to keep the property in top condition. This includes everything from plumbing and electrical issues to structural repairs.


Collect and Manage Levies

Our team periodically collects levies from property owners and manages the associated finances. This ensures sufficient funds are available for maintenance and other expenses.

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Engage with Service Vendors

Our team communicates with reliable service vendors, such as cleaners, landscapers, and repair technicians, to ensure regular property maintenance. We negotiate contracts and oversee the quality of work provided by these vendors.


Manage Owners' Communication

Our body corporate manager keeps up effective communication with the property owners. We always ensure that all owners are informed about important decisions, upcoming work, and meetings.


Organise and Record Meetings

Regular meetings are an essential aspect of body corporate management. We routinely organise these meetings, prepare agendas, and keep accurate records of discussions and decisions made.


Financial Management

We implement a comprehensive financial management plan to manage budgets, expenditures, and financial reporting. This includes preparing financial statements and ensuring transparency in all financial dealings.


Liaise with Local Authorities

Our team liaises with local authorities to ensure full compliance and address any issues, such as planning permits or safety inspections.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

We also ensure that the property complies with all relevant laws and regulations, from fire safety regulations to building codes.

Choose Us for Your Body Corporate Management

If you’re heading an owners corporation management in Melbourne and looking for professional assistance, trust BFG Asset Management to manage your strata property effectively. Our team guarantees professionalism, reliability, and excellent customer service. 


Body corporate fees are a levy paid by property owners to cover maintenance bills, utility bills, necessary repairs, building manager fees, etc. 

The body corporate manager takes care of all overall building maintenance schedules based on the property’s needs and after consultation with the owners.
Body corporate management encompasses a variety of responsibilities, including property maintenance, financial management, collection of dues, maintaining communication with outside vendors and property owners, and ensuring legal compliance.