Leasing And Rentals

For Tenants

The BFG leasing team works towards mutually satisfying outcomes for both tenants and landlords. Tenants continue to use our services because of the personalised service we provide.

Some of the reasons why tenants keep utilising our services are:

Huge Selection of Rentals

Our rental list offers a large selection of properties to choose from.  The list is updated on a daily basis.  The BFG leasing team can quickly short list the properties that will be most suitable to your needs saving you the time and hassle of doing this yourself.

Resolving maintenance issues

Our leasing team is committed to resolving maintenance issues promptly.  Landlords often entrust us with the responsibility of resolving maintenance issues on their behalf which in some instances means they do not even need to be notified.  This allows for the speedy resolution of maintenance issues as we are not waiting to speak with the landlord prior to making maintenance arrangements.

legal matters

We ensure that relevant legislation is adhered to in all leasing arrangements and that tenants are afforded fair treatment in all matters.